Chad Strickland, Co-founder

Chad’s goal in perfecting the art of culture in the workplace goes far beyond a career–it is his passion. He is focused on the power of Belief, Purpose and Communication to drive business results. With a 20-year career spanning legal (labor + employment) to senior business executive, Chad has experienced how the power of people can impact an organization. During a 14-year career tenure with one of the most successful specialty retailers in the country, Chad was responsible for the most valued aspect of the business model: attracting, hiring, training and engaging the 20,000+ (majority millennial) associates. Building the people function from scratch gave Chad invaluable experience and lessons on what’s effective for today’s (and tomorrow’s) workforce.

Since leaving large enterprise, Chad has been embedded in the startup world, conducting extensive research into the difference between its culture and corporate culture. Spending hours interviewing executives, employees and founders, Chad has developed a new kind of human capital strategy, based on social ecology and neuroscience to help organizations succeed in tomorrow’s competitive landscape. With a millennial co-founder/wife, and spending most of his free time racing bikes with guys half his age, you could say he has a truly unique insights into the next generation workforce.