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Hey Friends-

The election is over (right?), the vaccine is almost here (whew!), and we can finally kiss 2020 goodbye!

Here are a few quick updates as we wrap up the longest and most challenging year in a generation.  

It’s cold and we’re tired, but we also hope you join us in a little optimism for 2021. If we’ve learned anything from this year, it’s to be appreciative for what we have, who we spend our time with, and the special moments we share.

New Client Spotlight

You might have noticed a new grocer in your neighborhood. And no, it’s not Aldi. Lidl is a German-based grocer new to the US market. While they’re new to us, they’re well known worldwide – being the third largest retailer globally. Plus, they were recently named the “Hottest Growing Retailer” in the US by the National Retail Federation

We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know Lidl in the past few months and several things stand out. Lidl is going to challenge the American perception that “cheap means low quality”. They’re obsessed with providing a superior quality product at the lowest possible price. They do this through precision, process, and buying power. They’re also hyper-focused on being an employer of choice – something the grocery industry isn’t usually known for in the US.  

We’re very excited to be partnering with Lidl on some upcoming work. 

Raising Awareness

A pandemic and two hurricanes have devastated Central America – particularly Honduras. We’ve been helping our client Tegra to raise relief funds for those impacted by these tragedies. Over 2,000 Tegra employees and families have been displaced. We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the people of Honduras – work that provided us lasting perspective. So this has been a bit personal for us. 

If you’re interested in helping, you can do so here.

New Partners

Jackie Parker

We­­­re excited to announce that Jackie has joined us as our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion partner. Jackie has extensive experience leading and guiding D+I initiatives and functions with the likes of Newell and General Motors. To say that she’s a strategic expert and advisor is an understatement.

Effective company culture and communication is dependent on seeing all perspectives. Jackie will help provide that lens and guidance for our clients.

2021 Predictions

With vaccines well underway for rollout in Q1, we’re seeing a lot of organizations focused on what’s next:
Back to the Future (Office)
Are we coming back to the office? Should we look at a hybrid approach? How will employees who are now accustomed to WFH feel about all of this? The answer is: it depends. It depends on your culture, your strategy, and your capability to communicate the WHY effectively. Maybe work looks completely different forever, but if we’re not deliberate about keeping and promoting what’s special, it won’t matter.

Culture Branding is the New Customer Experience 
No longer just for talent acquisition – now we’re sharing our brand as an employer to the world. It not only helps us attract talent but enhances our brand in the eyes of the consumer and the communities we serve. Bottom line, everyone wants to associate or do business with companies that treat people the right way.  

“You treat employees poorly? Here’s my money.” – Nobody in 2021

Communication is Not a Department
Now that engagement has regressed back to pre-COVID levels, effective and authentic communication has never been more critical. You need a story to tell, a strategy to deliver it, and the resources to get it done. It’s not up to one or two functional leaders – it’s now everyone’s job. We need to give them the tools, resources, and training to be successful.  

A Roundup of All Things Cool, Interesting, and Tasty

(Fun Animal GIFs Included)

We spend a LOT of time learning and creating.  We’re fortunate that we live a lifestyle that allows us to consume, evaluate, filter and process a ton of content.  Some of this directly relates to the workplace, and some of it indirectly.  We also know that this is a luxury many don’t have because we get asked all the time for recommendations for books, articles, podcasts, playlists, influencers to follow…you get it.  

It takes a lot of time to sift through all the junk out there to find the real valuable content.  So here’s a few things to check out:


No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

We all know the Netflix culture deck. Here’s the story straight from Reed Hastings. He also invited business school professor Erwin Meyer to take a peek under the hood as well. It’s unorthodox and aggressive – and it’s definitely worth the time if you’re interested in workplace culture and leadership.    


NICH Fall/Winter – “Right Down the Line” is ready for your office vibes. Enjoy.

Our #1 listened to podcast according to Spotify, Business Casual. Morning Brew’s Kinsey Grant sits down with the biggest names in business and asks them the questions you’d want to ask yourself.  


Our cycling side gig, NICH +Speed, has been getting a lot of attention. With a new weekly business networking ride, a Saturday training ride (Speed Club Saturdays), new uniform designs for our 250+ women’s cycling group (ATLWMN), on and off the bike apparel designs are in full swing. Even if you’re not into bikes (and suffering), you might find some of this interesting. It’s another way for us to express our creative and community-building passions. 

I guess we really like pizza since we recommend new places in every Culture Edit.

Glide Pizza is Brooklyn street food meets Atlanta Beltline. If you are visiting the Beltline with your family and friends, Glide is a must-visit, hole-in-the-wall (literally), walk-up pizza joint with friendly staff, quick service, and (in our opinion) the best pizza in Atlanta. It is so good, we had it twice in one weekend, which is unheard of considering all of the options. So go grab a slice, chow down as you walk, and observe Beltline shenanigans.